Taking a moment to reflect on the burnout period in my nursing days I realize there are 3 phases of burnout based on my theory.

How is it that one moment I can go back to the same position and work after burnout ?

Three months after I can no longer work in this position.  I worked with work related PTSD “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and chronic pain.

The first phase was acute because I was able to go back to work.

What happens between the acute and the chronic phase of burnout?

This is where the healing phase takes place.  This is a period where reflection and recharge takes place.

During this phase I took six months off and went to Italy to heal.  The healing process is a component of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration.  The exhaustion from burnout is like losing yourself in a void.

When I recuperated in Italy, I was energetic and looked forward to work again.  I feel like I gained my second wind only to realize it was only a temporary stay.

Breaking the cycle of burnout is to remove yourself from the title like a nurse working in the emergency dept.  It is to build a healing team to restore yourself with meditation, therapy, journal writing and exercise.

It is to realign passion with purpose.  Sometimes the passion of nursing is extinguished and replaced with another passion.

It doesn’t mean you will not go through a withdrawal phase because the void is not to know what to do next to move forward in the unknown path.

Breaking the cycle of burnout guided me to believe in my True self.  I made my career and not my career made me the title.

During the healing phase there is an internal struggle for the spiritual crisis for burnout is real.  The healing process takes one day at a time.

Rebuilding from burnout is to believe in your True potential.  It is a stepping stone to your True purpose.






Shift to Think Purpose

I can’t sleep.  It is the path of the writer.  I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster.  Hurricane Irma brought me back when a tornado hit in our residential area.

It was August 20, 2009 around 6:00 p.m.

The sky was electrifying.  The strong winds wheeled the barbecue against the wall to the garden between two flower pots.  I watched a bird reaching for cover in a taller tree.  I saw a straight bolt of lightning for I knew it was a warning sign to head to the basement.

The electricity went out.  All I heard was the thunder and lightning outside. The powerful winds sounded like a freight train  The aftermath of the storm destroyed homes and the community gathered in these devastated  areas having a barbecue to know they were still here to talk about it.

Community becomes family.  It is the awakening of understanding how vulnerable we become when we experience an event that touches our hearts.

Compassion flows out of all of us.  The comprehension of nature can be beauty one moment and devastation in the next moment.

The awakening is part of the healing process on our spiritual path.  Shift to think purpose is to understand our Being here on planet Earth is to experience our True purpose.

Greatness is our True potential.

To be at service is the highest purpose.  Plant the seed.  Let it flourish.  Let it bloom.  Let it flower.



Shift to Think Purpose

Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

The play of life is to adapt to change moment to moment.  The role of success is to play the character of prosperity and charity.  The greatest defeat is to play small, mediocre or average.

Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

The challenge is to overcome self doubt, fear and procrastination.  The best one I heard, “I have all the time in the world to do it.”  Why wait for a life changing experience when the moment is NOW to say, “YES!”

Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

Living the heart’s dream moment to moment is the greatest joy.

Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

Where does True purpose play?  On the determination field where it meets face to face with fear.  Denying the True self in living the heart’s dream is the greatest failure.  Listen to your heart for it knows your True purpose.

Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

Ditch the attitude of not being good enough and not smart enough.  Connect with your innate intelligence.  Just do it.  Visualize, meditate and imagine to manifest it.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.  Have fun.” Steve Jobs


Greatness is in BEING at the moment of True Potential.

Time is the present moment to make it happen.  Break the code of no excuses and play.  Greatness plays in the field of adversity.

What if the greatest joy is this precious moment to embrace change?

“Believe in yourself and you will conquer all.” – THE MAGIC HORSE


Happy Writing!




Shift to Think Purpose


Take an inventory this month of January.  When I say inventory, I mean Gratitude, Love, Compassion, and Kindness.

We are at the pinnacle phase of life where we have to open our hearts, sounds vulnerable but this is the only way we are going to deal with trauma, tragedy and death.

We are all here on Earth on a spiritual journey.  Each one of us has the responsibility to step up to the plate and hit a home run so we can celebrate success for all.

This January may feel like a set back because it is hard to move forward, to drive towards the heart’s dream.  We all have the capacity to believe in each other’s True potential.

Each day embrace it to bring purpose and service to complete it.  Count the moments of Gratitude.  THANK YOU!  Count the moments of Love.  I LOVE YOU!  Count the moments of Compassion.  OPEN THE HEART.  Count the moments of Kindness. PAY IT FORWARD.

Gratitude is the attitude of Happiness.  When we push forward to live with purpose and service, outrageous joy pours into our souls.

When we finish counting our inventory this month, we will have abundance to share with all in February.

Strike one!  Strike two!  HOME RUN!

Happy Writing!



Shift to Think Purpose








The mind exercise turns another page to dive into deeper thinking.  Sit tight and learn to challenge the mind to view infinite possibilities.

01-23-16  8:00 a.m.

The words are Truth, time, dream, acceptance, allowance, Greatness, potential, opportunity, perseverance, red, comfort and attitude.  B1

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Trigger the mind to shift in the space of infinite possibilities in coherence with the vibrational field.  The potential of Greatness is to shed the layers of the past to view the True self.

Allowance of the opportunity to surface is the time span of a moment.  The acceptance of the heart’s dream is to visualize leaving the comfort zone to explore the Unknown in the Quantum leap.

Truth attributes to the attitude of Gratitude and Forgiveness.  Every red light is a moment of reflection to pursue the heart’s dream into action.

Creative thinking is the synchronicity of the vibrational flow in the universe.

Draw in passion into creative thinking.  Draw in purpose into creative thinking.  Draw in the True self into creative thinking.

I want to share a course I took with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  If you don’t know his personal story, check it out.  I attended his progressive workshop and advanced program.  It will blow your mind how powerful you are in the state of Being. Your future is now.

Greatness is your True potential.  Use it to influence the world.

Happy Writing!