Shift to Think Purpose

Shift to Think Purpose

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone is a break through of consciousness.  The shift happens in the moment of Now.  The mentality of keeping everything in order to keep the routine going is the EGO way of thinking, all is under control.

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone is the UNKNOWN.  Allowance of freedom of thinking outside the box is to bring creativity to play.  Imagination is the game changer.  To think like children, the adventure and curiosity gives the advantage to break the routine.

Shifting the mind to think Purpose is to hit a home run with all bases loaded.  Purpose is the driving force to creativity and passion.  It no longer plays on an amateur field but a Greatness field.

Purpose is the realization to empower others towards their True potential. The greatest strength of the mind with the heart is empowerment.

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone will raise the bar of infinite possibilities, unlimited potential and freedom.  Oneness is the key to purpose.

Let me share a story.  My family and I went to Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We attended a great evening called J.K. Summer Dinner Series.  It was a pairing of great food prepared by chef JAMIE KENNEDY and his staff with ROSEHALL RUN VINEYARDS  wines.  The food, wine, company and atmosphere were in harmony.

The cooperative thinking of bringing local produce and wines to the table is to show community becomes family.  All is prosperous.

When Oneness is the connection of all, there is no competition and every one will succeed.  This is the moment of NOW to shift to think Purpose.