Is Procrastination my Friend or Enemy?

I am in the process of designing my product in the business course.  I feel tension building up.  I am making every excuse I can find to walk away from it.

Is procrastination setting in? My mind is saying I have done enough and do nothing.

Is it the fear of failure or the fear of success?  Asking my “Why” I am doing this course?

Is procrastination my enemy?   To postpone it for another hour.  Meditate on it.  It is like a turmoil in the soul.  To reach deep within to reveal my passion with purpose.

Do I have the experience to assist others to heal?  It brings me back to my nursing days to have lived a passion as a nurse but then I also died in my profession.

Is procrastination my friend?  Maybe taking a moment to reflect on everything is to take a step back.  Change is like a tango, one step forward and 2 steps back.

Is procrastination a protective mechanism to wait out before to dissolve my experiences for I am reliving some of these moments of exhaustion through burnout.

Either way, perseverance is the key to break through self doubt, fear and procrastination.  Now I understand for my Greatness to come through I will have these unsettled emotions playing out in the field of determination.

It’s this moment to make myself vulnerable to express my authentic self designing the product.  Procrastination plays a role in success.  It is my choice how I perceive it.


Heal Rebuild 2Success





Shift to Think Purpose

Though my mind draws blank, I ask my heart to write.  It is not that we do not believe in our True potential.  It is the detachment of ourselves to reach through to grasp what it is Truth.

The mind knows how to play the game. Our True self does not deny the mind to rule as long as we play the role of what we want in our lives.  Why do we keep on this wheel of fortune?  Our True investment is US.

Alignment with the heart and mind will challenge our belief system.  Opportunity lies in our passion of True purpose.  Speak Heart Speak.  We are divine beings of the source.  Truth is to believe in our True potential.


All is possible.  Let go of control.  Allow and follow the heart’s dream.  The heart’s dream is the connection of True purpose.  Don’t buy into the myth of it is not possible, not attainable and not worthy to live it.  Our inner critic keeps beating us down.  Keep moving forward.  Allow it to be done with the Divine source.

Naysayers are about them, not us.  We have Greatness in all of us to pursue our greatest joy, ART of BEING.


Speak Heart Speak.  We can lie to ourselves by pretending to play the role of the victim but we are victorious in our True self .  Believe all is possible.  All is attainable.  All is worthy to live the heart’s dream.

Ride the waves of infinite possibilities.  Ride the waves of unlimited potential.  Ride the waves of freedom.


Perseverance breaks through self doubt, fear and procrastination.





Shift to Think Purpose

Are you ready to bud out?

Focus on the intention of living out your heart’s dream.  The heart’s dream comes in alignment with True purpose.  Plant the bulb in your heart.

Are you ready to bud out?

Don’t hold back.  Make it happen now.  Create something out of nothing.  Imagine infinite possibilities for there are many variations of roses.

Are you ready to bud out?

Roses that don’t bloom are called bullets.  The resistance is the comfort zone.  The choice is the opportunity to allow it to happen.  Surrender and release the heart’s dream to bloom as a hobby till it becomes a career.

Are you ready to bud out?

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.

Are you ready to bud out?

Imagine to write in your heart, “I am living my heart’s dream in the now.”

Are you ready to bud out?

Visualize moment to moment living out your heart’s dream.

Meditate moment to moment BEING in your heart’s dream.

Manifest moment to moment designing your heart’s dream to reality.

Are you ready to bud out?

Let it flourish.  Let it bloom.  Let it flower.

The potential of all lies in you so you can flourish in your heart’s dream.

Let the rose in you bud out for all to see the outrageous joy pour out of  your soul in BEING moment to moment living out your heart’s dream.

Are you ready to bud out?


Shift to Think Purpose

Synchronicity is like an orchestra in harmony.


Ride the waves of infinite possibilities.  What breaks the flow?

Expectations of the day from the moment you wake up determines the day you will have.  The expectation of the flow of traffic, work routine and moods of everyone around you breaks the flow through resistance.

What if you did not have any expectations?  The Unknown flow of traffic, the Unknown flow of work and the Unknown moods of everyone around you comes to play.

Ride the waves of infinite possibilities.  Change the direction of the compass to the Unknown.  Take a Quantum leap of Faith in the dive to explore a new world.  Imagine.

Surrender to be in the moment.  Let all awash on the shore.  Step on each pebble to embrace the connection with the ocean.  It is no longer timing as plans are lifted up in the tidal waves.

Tick tock.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.  Change the perception of your day.  Orchestrate it for you are the conductor.  Surrender to the flow like a symphony.

Let go and allow the day to unfold in the Unknown.  Pay attention to your energy level.  Focus on your True purpose.

Pause the day to meditate.  Be in the moment to appreciate everything and everyone.  You are so focused on doing that you forget on BEING.

Respect the breath.  Focus on the breath like the waves of the ocean.  Ride the waves of infinite possibilities.

Can you change the flow of your day?

Happy Writing!