Shift to Think Purpose

Shift to Think Purpose

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone is a break through of consciousness.  The shift happens in the moment of Now.  The mentality of keeping everything in order to keep the routine going is the EGO way of thinking, all is under control.

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone is the UNKNOWN.  Allowance of freedom of thinking outside the box is to bring creativity to play.  Imagination is the game changer.  To think like children, the adventure and curiosity gives the advantage to break the routine.

Shifting the mind to think Purpose is to hit a home run with all bases loaded.  Purpose is the driving force to creativity and passion.  It no longer plays on an amateur field but a Greatness field.

Purpose is the realization to empower others towards their True potential. The greatest strength of the mind with the heart is empowerment.

Shifting the mind out of the comfort zone will raise the bar of infinite possibilities, unlimited potential and freedom.  Oneness is the key to purpose.

Let me share a story.  My family and I went to Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We attended a great evening called J.K. Summer Dinner Series.  It was a pairing of great food prepared by chef JAMIE KENNEDY and his staff with ROSEHALL RUN VINEYARDS  wines.  The food, wine, company and atmosphere were in harmony.

The cooperative thinking of bringing local produce and wines to the table is to show community becomes family.  All is prosperous.

When Oneness is the connection of all, there is no competition and every one will succeed.  This is the moment of NOW to shift to think Purpose.




Shift to Think Purpose

Are you ready to bud out?

Focus on the intention of living out your heart’s dream.  The heart’s dream comes in alignment with True purpose.  Plant the bulb in your heart.

Are you ready to bud out?

Don’t hold back.  Make it happen now.  Create something out of nothing.  Imagine infinite possibilities for there are many variations of roses.

Are you ready to bud out?

Roses that don’t bloom are called bullets.  The resistance is the comfort zone.  The choice is the opportunity to allow it to happen.  Surrender and release the heart’s dream to bloom as a hobby till it becomes a career.

Are you ready to bud out?

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.

Are you ready to bud out?

Imagine to write in your heart, “I am living my heart’s dream in the now.”

Are you ready to bud out?

Visualize moment to moment living out your heart’s dream.

Meditate moment to moment BEING in your heart’s dream.

Manifest moment to moment designing your heart’s dream to reality.

Are you ready to bud out?

Let it flourish.  Let it bloom.  Let it flower.

The potential of all lies in you so you can flourish in your heart’s dream.

Let the rose in you bud out for all to see the outrageous joy pour out of  your soul in BEING moment to moment living out your heart’s dream.

Are you ready to bud out?


Shift to Think Purpose


Imagine the harmony of life.  To be in sync in Oneness.  Healing is part of your spiritual journey.  Outrageous joy pours out of your soul.

Imagine you as a child walking in the forest and find a treasure chest.  Once opened, the treasure chest is empty.  You look into the chest and experience this vibrational energy.  It pulls you in and takes you to a magical place.

There are exotic birds, whistling trees and fish jumping like dolphins in the pond.  There is a rainbow waterfall.  In the pond, there is a humming rock.  All of a sudden a bubble of green light floats close to you and bursts.  A white horse with gold wings appears.  It has a black diamond on its’ forehead.

The magic horse talks about how people on Earth have forgotten about the healing powers of Heaven.  The horse tells you to throw a rock in the pond and to think of word from healing powers of Heaven. You think of the word love and throw the rock in the pond.  The humming rock changes to a ruby red crystal.

Then he asks you to think of a word opposite to love.  You think of the word hate and throw the rock.  The crystal shatters, the fish disappear and the waterfall becomes frozen.  The birds stop singing and the trees are silent.

The horse said, “You are the DJ of your thinking.”

In your relationships at work and play, you have a choice to bring love or hate, peace or chaos.  Prayer is a great healing tool to connect to the Divine source.  You are never alone even in an uncomfortable situation.  Let go and surrender to the Divine source.

Imagine the eternal now at this present moment to be in harmony in Oneness.  Be at peace with all and ask the guidance of angels to be present in a difficult situation.

The healing pond of life is in you.  Forgive all.  Live out your heart’s dream.  Synchronicity of everything is being at service and purpose with the Divine source.  You are never alone.

Gratitude is the attitude of Happiness.  Greatness is your True potential.  The spiritual journey does not end here.  You are here to celebrate life and have a mission to accomplish.  Life is beautiful.

You are given this moment to choose love or hate in every situation.

Be at peace with all.  Forgive all.  Let it flourish.  Let it bloom.  Let it flower.  God’s love is here in the eternal now.  You are at a higher frequency when you connect to the Divine source.  You are blessed in Divine love.  Let God show you the pattern of life through the healing pond.

Open the treasure chest as a child to witness God’s presence.






Shift to Think Purpose


New beginnings are on the horizon.  Are you in the present moment?  Take a deep breath and BE in the NOW.   How can you not see this day is a present for you?

Stop your thinking process to be in the present moment.  When you are in BEING, you are in the state of SPIRIT.  Take a deep breath and BE in the space of infinite possibilities.

Shut off the analytical thinking.  Take a deep breath and focus on the inner child.  BE curious and explore. Dogs do it every day sniffing and digging.

When the past floods your thinking, embrace it with a forgiveness dam.  Healing is an every day process.  BEING on a spiritual path will have obstacles along the way.

Challenge your mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create something out of nothing.


Trust the UNKNOWN.  STOP thinking you know everything, this is the obstacle to creative thinking.

New beginnings are on the horizon.  Are you in the present moment?

Take a deep breath and pause.  Focus on the breath like the waves of the ocean.  BEING in stillness is where the healing process begins.

Create a space of infinite possibilities.  IMAGINE to create something out of nothing.

Let me share something with you.  The last two weeks, I had two infections, two sets of antibiotics and I learned to unplug my thinking to focus on healing through prayer, meditation, chiropractic adjustments and self care.

New beginnings are on the horizon.  Are you present?

Today is a precious jewel for it holds the value of YOU in it.



Happy Writing!



Shift to Think Purpose


“Creativity is oxygen for our souls.  Cutting off our creativity makes us savage.” –  “the ARTIST’S WAY” by Julia Cameron

Yesterday I felt like a beast wanted to come out of me.  I don’t understand why I feel this way, I thought.  When our True self wants to come out, we struggle within to let the heart speak when the mind wants to be in control.  It is like a tug of war between the EGO and the SPIRIT.  I wonder who is going to win this time.

The inner child wants to play.  We keep shoving this child aside for we think we know what is better for us because we are adults and have all the answers and experiences to prove it.  What if I am wrong to think this way?  What if my imagination is trying to teach me something?

If we stifle our creativity, there will be a lack of oxygen and we will die not knowing the infinite possibilities we can create in our lives and for others.  Our talents are to be shared for the world to experience imagination in reality like “Disney Land”, the books we read, the paintings we see, the music we hear, the fashion designs we wear, the food we eat and architectural structures of buildings and homes.  The list goes on.

Creativity is the healing rod in all of us.  The inner child comes out to embrace our True self.  Our True self keeps us alive for it connects us to the Divine source.

This morning before writing this post, I sat and meditated with my eyes closed.  I saw an angel use a sword to break through the wall of my heart and pierce it.  The sword became an electric rod and the angel stretched his hand and lightning from the sky went through his hand to my heart.  I thought of it as a healing rod.

Challenge the mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create from nothing.


We can all learn from creativity by being in nature.

Happy Writing!

Shift to Think Purpose

img_1230To reach Greatness, one must set on the spiritual mode.  It’s easy to talk about one’s accomplishments but to sacrifice yourself in doing it without passion or purpose is meaningless.

Imagine working in an environment where the True potential grows.  Where the contribution of You is creating success for all, there is no competition.

Where empowerment begins and ends for success of all.  Yes, imagine following the heart’s dream to reality.  So where does Greatness fit in all this journey? In the end the empowerment of You created this life you are leading on your spiritual path.

To set on the spiritual mode, the physical does not carry the weight to stay in one place.  It is to bring You to a new level of wonder, joy, adventure and courage.  Gravity does not exist in the spiritual mode.  What is time?  It is the eternal now to make the heart’s dream come alive in reality.

The influence of all pertains to the external and internal of You.  It is your choice to decide what will influence You to move forward on your spiritual path.  When You bring passion to work, it becomes play.

One Life  One Beginning  One NOW

Learn like you are reborn each day.  Teach the lessons of experience.  Empower all to encourage each other to meet the True potential in purpose and service in life.

Show up present in life.  Speak the Truth.  Be your True self.

Greatness is your True potential.  Set to the spiritual mode and soar into the depths of the heart’s dream to make it a reality so we can celebrate precious moments of victory.

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.


Congratulations to You for reading this post!

Happy Writing!



Shift to Think Purpose


The conscious awakening is the burst of the True self.  Challenge the mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.  Drawing out on certainty leaves no room for imagination.  Leave a space for the Unknown.

The building blocks of opportunity lies in the pile of adversity.  When opportunity arises from adversity, awaiting for success comes to view.  The challenge to change your thinking towards the possibility of opportunity is to keep the space of the Unknown.

The conscious awakening is the burst of the True self.  Seek how nature changes day to day.  Bringing nature in the True self makes the realization of believing all is possible in the Now.

The material of the building blocks changes with your thinking.  Creativity flourishes in the space of the Unknown.  Leave it to your imagination how can you build from nothing where lies infinite possibilities.

Shift to think purpose is connected to the conscious awakening.  Purpose is the driving force of opportunity.  The building blocks of opportunity with purpose creates success for all.

Without imagination, one cannot draw out infinite possibilities in the Unknown.  Tapping into creativity is being in the space of the Unknown.

Surf on the board of your heart’s dream.  Catch the waves of imagination.


The building blocks of opportunity with purpose and imagination creates the possibility of reality.

Happy Writing!