Is Procrastination my Friend or Enemy?

I am in the process of designing my product in the business course.  I feel tension building up.  I am making every excuse I can find to walk away from it.

Is procrastination setting in? My mind is saying I have done enough and do nothing.

Is it the fear of failure or the fear of success?  Asking my “Why” I am doing this course?

Is procrastination my enemy?   To postpone it for another hour.  Meditate on it.  It is like a turmoil in the soul.  To reach deep within to reveal my passion with purpose.

Do I have the experience to assist others to heal?  It brings me back to my nursing days to have lived a passion as a nurse but then I also died in my profession.

Is procrastination my friend?  Maybe taking a moment to reflect on everything is to take a step back.  Change is like a tango, one step forward and 2 steps back.

Is procrastination a protective mechanism to wait out before to dissolve my experiences for I am reliving some of these moments of exhaustion through burnout.

Either way, perseverance is the key to break through self doubt, fear and procrastination.  Now I understand for my Greatness to come through I will have these unsettled emotions playing out in the field of determination.

It’s this moment to make myself vulnerable to express my authentic self designing the product.  Procrastination plays a role in success.  It is my choice how I perceive it.


Heal Rebuild 2Success





Shift to Think Purpose


It is the preparation of balance for change.  It is the juggling act and sometimes professional therapy is necessary when the balance is off, tipping the scale of change.

This is where the support system of family and friends come to play in the change of life.  Questions are flying in every direction and you feel the nakedness of vulnerability.

Change is part of the spiritual path.  It is to believe in yourself and you will conquer all.

Yet, it is a shift in purpose and service.  It is the choice of growth.  Is it safer to stay in the comfort zone than to explore Unknown territory?  Change can also be traumatic when it pushes you out of the comfort zone to fly and you wonder if you will land on your feet.

Take the Quantum leap of Faith.  Change can penetrate the soul to follow the heart’s dream.  You pray for the spiritual guidance to steer you in the direction to take.

It is a choice of growth.  It is a stepping stone to shift to purpose and service.  It is revealing the True self.

It is a learning curve to ride the waves of new experiences.  The juggling act becomes play not a struggle.  Surf on the board of change and it becomes fun. Change is a healing pattern of love infused with blessings of family and friends.  Your dream has wings.  Get ready to fly.

We are a compass of a social network to direct each other to lead to believe in our True potential for we are One with Divine love on our spiritual journey.



Happy Writing!



Shift to Think Purpose


This morning while walking my sister’s dog I noted something magical about surrender.  While walking he saw a rabbit across the street.  We stood still to watch the rabbit’s next move.  It was like we were all synchronized in this moment.

We continued this walk and met up with a dog, but he was ready to pounce on Obi.  The owner informed me that another dog bit him and had trust issues.  The trauma this dog faced has affected how he sees every other dog as a threat.  I tried to let Obi play with him but the other dog growled and was ready to attack him.  Eventually the other owner pulled him away.

In the park, there was an open field with tiny yellow flowers sprouted where grass should be but due to the hot weather the grass turned to a straw like colour in patches.  Obi sniffed the grass, bushes and flowers.  Nature was his domain.

The awakening of nature to impact our lives in a positive way is growth of change.  Change is awareness to see in a different perspective of a situation or relationship.  Change is to view one’s attitude to another without judgement.  Observe a tree and see the connection between all branches and then the connection with other trees.  Nature is an intricate system of survival and beauty at its’ best.

Progress is small steps of change.  The traumatized dog will take small steps to desensitize to play with other dogs again.  The healing process is every day and a dose of nature is a great healing power.

Nature is the teacher of wisdom.  There are many lessons one can learn from nature.  Everything serves a purpose including you.

Here is an ancient Hasidic saying from Dr.Wayne W Dyer’s book “The Power of INTENTION”.

When you walk across the fields with your mind pure and holy, then from all the stones, and all growing things, and all animals, the sparks of their soul come out and cling to you, and then they are purified and become a holy fire in you.


Happy Writing!