Is Procrastination my Friend or Enemy?

I am in the process of designing my product in the business course.  I feel tension building up.  I am making every excuse I can find to walk away from it.

Is procrastination setting in? My mind is saying I have done enough and do nothing.

Is it the fear of failure or the fear of success?  Asking my “Why” I am doing this course?

Is procrastination my enemy?   To postpone it for another hour.  Meditate on it.  It is like a turmoil in the soul.  To reach deep within to reveal my passion with purpose.

Do I have the experience to assist others to heal?  It brings me back to my nursing days to have lived a passion as a nurse but then I also died in my profession.

Is procrastination my friend?  Maybe taking a moment to reflect on everything is to take a step back.  Change is like a tango, one step forward and 2 steps back.

Is procrastination a protective mechanism to wait out before to dissolve my experiences for I am reliving some of these moments of exhaustion through burnout.

Either way, perseverance is the key to break through self doubt, fear and procrastination.  Now I understand for my Greatness to come through I will have these unsettled emotions playing out in the field of determination.

It’s this moment to make myself vulnerable to express my authentic self designing the product.  Procrastination plays a role in success.  It is my choice how I perceive it.


Heal Rebuild 2Success






Taking a moment to reflect on the burnout period in my nursing days I realize there are 3 phases of burnout based on my theory.

How is it that one moment I can go back to the same position and work after burnout ?

Three months after I can no longer work in this position.  I worked with work related PTSD “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and chronic pain.

The first phase was acute because I was able to go back to work.

What happens between the acute and the chronic phase of burnout?

This is where the healing phase takes place.  This is a period where reflection and recharge takes place.

During this phase I took six months off and went to Italy to heal.  The healing process is a component of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration.  The exhaustion from burnout is like losing yourself in a void.

When I recuperated in Italy, I was energetic and looked forward to work again.  I feel like I gained my second wind only to realize it was only a temporary stay.

Breaking the cycle of burnout is to remove yourself from the title like a nurse working in the emergency dept.  It is to build a healing team to restore yourself with meditation, therapy, journal writing and exercise.

It is to realign passion with purpose.  Sometimes the passion of nursing is extinguished and replaced with another passion.

It doesn’t mean you will not go through a withdrawal phase because the void is not to know what to do next to move forward in the unknown path.

Breaking the cycle of burnout guided me to believe in my True self.  I made my career and not my career made me the title.

During the healing phase there is an internal struggle for the spiritual crisis for burnout is real.  The healing process takes one day at a time.

Rebuilding from burnout is to believe in your True potential.  It is a stepping stone to your True purpose.





Shift to Think Purpose








Challenge the mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential

02-06-16   6:05 a.m.

The words are prayer, moment, courage, Faith, integrity, burnout, acceptance, vision, rule, statement, potential and Greatness.

The prayer moment is the courage of Faith.  Integrity of being is the simplicity of life.  Burnout is the acceptance of recharge in the field of infinite possibilities.  The vision of Greatness is the action of True potential.  Rule the statement of no excuses in living the heart’s dream.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Is there a way to express the True self in the moment of exhaustion?  The perception of Being in the robotic state is to pursue with the adrenalin effect to exhaustion.  Burnout, that’s right.

How is healing the energy booster to recharge from this mental condition?  Read between the lines.  A broken leg is visible and measurable to compensate.  Burnout is not in this category of visibility and the psychological impact to change the mind to healing is the most difficult workout to conquer in strength and endurance.

The payment of burnout is nil.  The healing process is the True investment for the realization of the True self is the natural resource for everything.

Play it backward or forward to why it happened.  There is a reason for everything.  Answer the question, “How do I heal from this exhaustion for it hits in waves when I least expect it?”  It takes one day at a time to heal.  Journal writing is the path to healing.

“Believe in yourself and you will conquer all.”


Connect to the core of the heart and make peace with the self.  You make your career, not your career makes you the title.

Play it backwards or forward to why it happened.  There is a secret in life for now is the time to listen to the heart to follow the calling of purpose.  Heal for you, not others for this is the commitment to the True self.

“Thrive” from Arianna Huffington should be on everyone’s book shelf.  It is the integrity of the author to bring out the simplicity of life after burnout.  She teaches to harmonize life with success.

Happy Writing!