On Passion and Peace

Compassion is the compass of the heart.

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What is my foremost passion in life right now?

Some of us can instantly answer that question. Others may need some reflection to arrive at an answer. Regardless of which category you may find yourself in, it may be useful to try and define the word…

passion: a strong or barely controlled emotion… a state or outburst of strong emotion

The thesaurus suggests some synonyms as fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, fieriness, zeal, spiritedness and fanaticism. It seems clear that our passion, whatever it may be, has the ability to connect us to a relatively high state of energy, action, and emotion. Passion also has the ability to bring us to the edge of, the tipping point of energetic balance in our lives, and leave us there. It can almost seem like the edge of a precipice on our journey.

Whether we go towards higher plateaus in life or fall off the…

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Returning to Simplicity

Simplify everything for it is easy to complicate anything.

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Whether we are ready or not, the cycles of nature and nature’s rhythms can lead us to re-examine certain aspects of our (increasingly complex) lives. One such change in rhythm is the gradual transition from autumn to winter (at least in the northern hemisphere). The days tend to get shorter and we begin to retreat indoors after having enjoyed the long daylight hours of summer. As the seasons change, the opportunity arises to ask the question – how do we prepare for what is ahead? I have been lately asking the question – how do I reduce the complexity in my daily life and return to more of simplicity?

One place to begin to answer this question is to examine the areas of my life that are unnecessarily complex. How much technology do I really need in my life? I was shopping for a cooking range and my seaarch yielded…

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Are You at Risk of Mental Exhaustion/Burnout?

Burnout/Exhaustion are real impacts in life.

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Are You at Risk of Burnout(4 min read)

We’re all faced with stress from time to time, but did you know that the impact of stress can build up and play an important role in whether or not you become ill – physically and mentally?

In general terms, it is said that the experience of stress arises when demands exceed one’s coping resources. When this happens, the individual normally experiences an overwhelming sense of losing control. If the individual isn’t able to recover some level of control, their resources become further and further depleted until they eventually burn out.

Our psychological resiliency determines how each stressor will impact us to a large degree. In other words, what one person perceives to be stressful isn’t necessarily what someone else might find to be stressful. For example, travelling might be viewed as exciting and invigorating by some, while others might find it to be incredibly stress-inducing. Nevertheless…

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On Stages and Transitions

Transformational change is an emotional rollercoaster.

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At this time of the year, when a change of seasons seems imminent, it is natural to think about transitions in our lives. The notion of transition was brought home to me with great force this week as I found myself stretched thin to support two very close families who were experiencing major transitions of their own. The first was my mentor of twenty five plus years – a father figure of sorts – to whom I found myself saying farewell to. I took along a few of my favorite spiritual books, sat with him, read to him, reminisced a bit about our years, and wished him well on his transition.

The second transition has been more of a roller-coaster ride so far. My ex-neighbor of many years, fighting the battle of his life, who keeps making one remarkable recovery after over the past two weeks. I thought I had…

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Find Your Power Right Here

The Choice is the present moment of Now.

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Right in this very moment is where our power lives.  Right here and now we have choices.  In each moment comes a new opportunity to make decisions.

We can not do anything about the past.  It is over.  But in this moment we can start to think differently about it, about the choices we made then.  In this moment we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we thought we made.  In this moment we can see how all of those decisions led us to being right here, right now.  And in this moment we can make different choices because we understand our choices better having been through them.

We can not do anything about the future.  We can make good, loving decisions in the moment which can affect the future, but we cannot change anything that is to happen in the future right now.

So our power is in this very…

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Shift to Think Purpose


This is not usual for me to write about a blog on a movie I saw yesterday morning.  “APPARITION HILL” is a film about seven lives being transformed by going on a pilgrimage in Medjugorje.

There was an audition of volunteers to go on this trip.  Seven people were picked out of the thousands.  One of the seven almost did not make it for her cancer worsened and had to be hospitalized.  Everyone prayed the novena for Holly so she could make this trip and it happened.

The seven came out of all walks of life but a miracle transformed on the journey where all seven connected in spirit.

Why watch this movie?  You become part of this spiritual journey.  Yes, it is to prove whether Medjugorje is a place where Mother Mary appears or is it a hoax?  Watching this movie I witnessed miracles of bonding of strangers to family, praying for one another and the transformation to believe to see is True Faith.

Sean Bloomfield, I truly believe you deserve an academy award for best director to bring this movie in the moment where we need to feel the presence of the Divine in our hearts.

I watched this movie with my cousins and we are planning a trip to Medjugorje.

Shift to Think Purpose is a blessing at work.  When we open our hearts, we witness miracles everyday in our homes, at work and Being in nature.

“Families that pray together, stay together.” – Mother Teresa

Happy writing!


Shift to Think Purpose


After eating my lunch, I started to write and the first word I wrote was butterfly.  Listen how the creative zone comes into play when in sync with all.  Is it possible our wings need practice in training?

Butterfly asks, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind responds, “I can’t fly because it is not part of my nature.”

Inner child speaks up, “Imagine to fly wherever you want to go.”

Butterfly repeats, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind in anger, “Are you crazy?” “I’m not a butterfly, see, I have legs and arms.”

Inner child sings, “Use your legs and arms to propel yourself in the dance of life.”

Butterfly sits on the adult mind, “Why can’t you fly?”

The mind let’s go.

The heart speaks, “Do you listen to your heart beat?  Do you understand you are here to spread your wings and soar in your True purpose?”

Inner child chimes in, “Keep playing, singing, laughing, dancing, and doing art.”  “You will feel it”

Butterfly asks one more time, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind persists to resist, “Forget it.  I give up.  It is not possible.”

Heart replies, “Then change the way you think to make it happen.”

Inner child whispers,  “Flap your arms and run to imagine the flight.  If you believe angels have wings, so do you.”

Your dream has wings.  Get ready to fly.


I took this pic from my Chiropractor’s office.

Happy writing!