About the book

Book coverDuring a stormy night Clare heard a thud. She peaked out. A bubble of green light floated in the air. When it burst, a white horse appeared with gold wings and a black diamond on its’ forehead.

Raphael, the magic horse took her to visit Heaven before she found out about Mary Ellen, her best friend’s accident. He told Clare that she would be a secret agent of God. She would teach others about the healing powers of Heaven. Her assignment was to help Mary Ellen’s mom cope with her death.

At the funeral, Clare saw her use white feathers to tickle her and the other children. Clare and Mary Ellen shared a magical spiritual journey on Earth. Willie, Clare’s dog was part of the assignment. They visited a healing pond where they shared an adventure.

She struggled with Mary Ellen’s death. Her mother and Mary Ellen’s mom did notbelieve about her presence in spirit.

She and Mary Ellen shared humorous moments during their journey. One moment was at the psychologist’s office. Dr. Goodall believed Clare about Mary Ellen’s presence when he witnessed magic.

In the end Clare’s mother believed her daughter saw Mary Ellen’s presence in spirit. Mary Ellen made a connection with her mother. Clare released her anger and experienced a magical wonderland in the cemetery with Raphael.

“Believe in yourself and you will conquer all.”

*To purchase a copy of “The Magic Horse,” visit Balboa Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble online bookstores.


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