Shift to Think Purpose

Though my mind draws blank, I ask my heart to write.  It is not that we do not believe in our True potential.  It is the detachment of ourselves to reach through to grasp what it is Truth.

The mind knows how to play the game. Our True self does not deny the mind to rule as long as we play the role of what we want in our lives.  Why do we keep on this wheel of fortune?  Our True investment is US.

Alignment with the heart and mind will challenge our belief system.  Opportunity lies in our passion of True purpose.  Speak Heart Speak.  We are divine beings of the source.  Truth is to believe in our True potential.


All is possible.  Let go of control.  Allow and follow the heart’s dream.  The heart’s dream is the connection of True purpose.  Don’t buy into the myth of it is not possible, not attainable and not worthy to live it.  Our inner critic keeps beating us down.  Keep moving forward.  Allow it to be done with the Divine source.

Naysayers are about them, not us.  We have Greatness in all of us to pursue our greatest joy, ART of BEING.


Speak Heart Speak.  We can lie to ourselves by pretending to play the role of the victim but we are victorious in our True self .  Believe all is possible.  All is attainable.  All is worthy to live the heart’s dream.

Ride the waves of infinite possibilities.  Ride the waves of unlimited potential.  Ride the waves of freedom.


Perseverance breaks through self doubt, fear and procrastination.






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