Shift to Think Purpose

Once upon a time there was a red haired girl, named Amy Storm like her temper.  One day she was bored and decided to take a walk.  Crossing the meadows, she came upon a talking stream and paused to listen.  There is a message from the stream.  She becomes distracted by the birds singing. Watches the leaves dancing.

Suddenly the sky is getting dark and a storm is brewing. The lightening strikes the stream.  The message from the stream begins.

The storm of the past teaches us we are survivors in the present moment.  We are liberated by our fears and procrastination.  We have overcome pain and suffering to bring joy in the NOW.

Then rain came down, but it was a light rain and when it touched her skin, it was dry.  Amy Storm wondered how can rain become dry.

The message from the stream continues.

Every time we cry, our tears are dried up by God’s love.  Healing is a symbolism of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is to witness the freedom of joy.

The birds fly around her like they are angels.  The rustling of the leaves are chiming to the tune of the stream.

The message from the stream continues.

We are all perfect in God’s eyes.  Embrace God’s love in pain and suffering.  Embrace the grace of the Divine source.  Healing is the nurturing of growth to a better person.

Amy Storm sits on the grass and puts her feet in the stream to feel its’ presence of a vibrational frequency going through her.

The message from the stream continues.

Healing takes one day at a time.  Embrace the present moment to express  “Thank you”.  It is the present moment to connect with Oneness, to experience the True self.

A bridge appeared over the stream.  She got up and crossed the bridge.

The message from the stream continues.

Every time a rainbow appears after the storm, it shows the present moment.  The spiritual path teaches us to be patient, kind, loving and caring.

A magical wonderland appears after the bridge with rainbow waterfalls and flowers all around her.  In the middle of a pond is a ruby red crystal.

The message from the stream continues.

The moment counts as a True blessing for it is the greatest awakening and the greatest joy to bring all to Oneness.

Amy Storm jumped into the pond and laughed in joy.








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