Shift to Think Purpose


Imagine the harmony of life.  To be in sync in Oneness.  Healing is part of your spiritual journey.  Outrageous joy pours out of your soul.

Imagine you as a child walking in the forest and find a treasure chest.  Once opened, the treasure chest is empty.  You look into the chest and experience this vibrational energy.  It pulls you in and takes you to a magical place.

There are exotic birds, whistling trees and fish jumping like dolphins in the pond.  There is a rainbow waterfall.  In the pond, there is a humming rock.  All of a sudden a bubble of green light floats close to you and bursts.  A white horse with gold wings appears.  It has a black diamond on its’ forehead.

The magic horse talks about how people on Earth have forgotten about the healing powers of Heaven.  The horse tells you to throw a rock in the pond and to think of word from healing powers of Heaven. You think of the word love and throw the rock in the pond.  The humming rock changes to a ruby red crystal.

Then he asks you to think of a word opposite to love.  You think of the word hate and throw the rock.  The crystal shatters, the fish disappear and the waterfall becomes frozen.  The birds stop singing and the trees are silent.

The horse said, “You are the DJ of your thinking.”

In your relationships at work and play, you have a choice to bring love or hate, peace or chaos.  Prayer is a great healing tool to connect to the Divine source.  You are never alone even in an uncomfortable situation.  Let go and surrender to the Divine source.

Imagine the eternal now at this present moment to be in harmony in Oneness.  Be at peace with all and ask the guidance of angels to be present in a difficult situation.

The healing pond of life is in you.  Forgive all.  Live out your heart’s dream.  Synchronicity of everything is being at service and purpose with the Divine source.  You are never alone.

Gratitude is the attitude of Happiness.  Greatness is your True potential.  The spiritual journey does not end here.  You are here to celebrate life and have a mission to accomplish.  Life is beautiful.

You are given this moment to choose love or hate in every situation.

Be at peace with all.  Forgive all.  Let it flourish.  Let it bloom.  Let it flower.  God’s love is here in the eternal now.  You are at a higher frequency when you connect to the Divine source.  You are blessed in Divine love.  Let God show you the pattern of life through the healing pond.

Open the treasure chest as a child to witness God’s presence.







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