Shift to Think Purpose

To succumb to other’s false pretence is to deny the Truth.  Acceptance of inappropriate behaviour is to be in doubt of the True self.

Speak Heart Speak.  Denying the Truth keeps the True self under the surface.

You are here to live an abundant life of peace, joy and love.  Your True purpose is to share it with all and to empower one another to better oneself.

Healing is part of your True purpose.  It is placing observation to know when the conditions are no longer favourable to sustain goodness is to let go and surrender to the Divine source.

Speak Heart Speak.  Trampling on negativity and the toxic environment will give you the position to have a fresh start in dwelling to be the best you can be.  Acceptance of inappropriate behaviour makes you part of the problem, not the solution.

Speak Heart Speak.  Embrace the abundant life for peace, joy and love.  Share your True purpose with others.  BE aware of the circumstances around you and change the perception to see all angles of the situation.

Speak Heart Speak.  True purpose is to live a harmonious life orchestrated by the passion of your talent to share with the world.

The potential of all lies in you so you can flourish in your heart’s dream.


Will you answer your Heart’s call?



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