Shift to Think Purpose


Take an inventory this month of January.  When I say inventory, I mean Gratitude, Love, Compassion, and Kindness.

We are at the pinnacle phase of life where we have to open our hearts, sounds vulnerable but this is the only way we are going to deal with trauma, tragedy and death.

We are all here on Earth on a spiritual journey.  Each one of us has the responsibility to step up to the plate and hit a home run so we can celebrate success for all.

This January may feel like a set back because it is hard to move forward, to drive towards the heart’s dream.  We all have the capacity to believe in each other’s True potential.

Each day embrace it to bring purpose and service to complete it.  Count the moments of Gratitude.  THANK YOU!  Count the moments of Love.  I LOVE YOU!  Count the moments of Compassion.  OPEN THE HEART.  Count the moments of Kindness. PAY IT FORWARD.

Gratitude is the attitude of Happiness.  When we push forward to live with purpose and service, outrageous joy pours into our souls.

When we finish counting our inventory this month, we will have abundance to share with all in February.

Strike one!  Strike two!  HOME RUN!

Happy Writing!




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