Shift to Think Purpose


This is not usual for me to write about a blog on a movie I saw yesterday morning.  “APPARITION HILL” is a film about seven lives being transformed by going on a pilgrimage in Medjugorje.

There was an audition of volunteers to go on this trip.  Seven people were picked out of the thousands.  One of the seven almost did not make it for her cancer worsened and had to be hospitalized.  Everyone prayed the novena for Holly so she could make this trip and it happened.

The seven came out of all walks of life but a miracle transformed on the journey where all seven connected in spirit.

Why watch this movie?  You become part of this spiritual journey.  Yes, it is to prove whether Medjugorje is a place where Mother Mary appears or is it a hoax?  Watching this movie I witnessed miracles of bonding of strangers to family, praying for one another and the transformation to believe to see is True Faith.

Sean Bloomfield, I truly believe you deserve an academy award for best director to bring this movie in the moment where we need to feel the presence of the Divine in our hearts.

I watched this movie with my cousins and we are planning a trip to Medjugorje.

Shift to Think Purpose is a blessing at work.  When we open our hearts, we witness miracles everyday in our homes, at work and Being in nature.

“Families that pray together, stay together.” – Mother Teresa

Happy writing!



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