Shift to Think Purpose


After eating my lunch, I started to write and the first word I wrote was butterfly.  Listen how the creative zone comes into play when in sync with all.  Is it possible our wings need practice in training?

Butterfly asks, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind responds, “I can’t fly because it is not part of my nature.”

Inner child speaks up, “Imagine to fly wherever you want to go.”

Butterfly repeats, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind in anger, “Are you crazy?” “I’m not a butterfly, see, I have legs and arms.”

Inner child sings, “Use your legs and arms to propel yourself in the dance of life.”

Butterfly sits on the adult mind, “Why can’t you fly?”

The mind let’s go.

The heart speaks, “Do you listen to your heart beat?  Do you understand you are here to spread your wings and soar in your True purpose?”

Inner child chimes in, “Keep playing, singing, laughing, dancing, and doing art.”  “You will feel it”

Butterfly asks one more time, “Why can’t you fly?”

Adult mind persists to resist, “Forget it.  I give up.  It is not possible.”

Heart replies, “Then change the way you think to make it happen.”

Inner child whispers,  “Flap your arms and run to imagine the flight.  If you believe angels have wings, so do you.”

Your dream has wings.  Get ready to fly.


I took this pic from my Chiropractor’s office.

Happy writing!


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