Shift to Think Purpose


“Creativity is oxygen for our souls.  Cutting off our creativity makes us savage.” –  “the ARTIST’S WAY” by Julia Cameron

Yesterday I felt like a beast wanted to come out of me.  I don’t understand why I feel this way, I thought.  When our True self wants to come out, we struggle within to let the heart speak when the mind wants to be in control.  It is like a tug of war between the EGO and the SPIRIT.  I wonder who is going to win this time.

The inner child wants to play.  We keep shoving this child aside for we think we know what is better for us because we are adults and have all the answers and experiences to prove it.  What if I am wrong to think this way?  What if my imagination is trying to teach me something?

If we stifle our creativity, there will be a lack of oxygen and we will die not knowing the infinite possibilities we can create in our lives and for others.  Our talents are to be shared for the world to experience imagination in reality like “Disney Land”, the books we read, the paintings we see, the music we hear, the fashion designs we wear, the food we eat and architectural structures of buildings and homes.  The list goes on.

Creativity is the healing rod in all of us.  The inner child comes out to embrace our True self.  Our True self keeps us alive for it connects us to the Divine source.

This morning before writing this post, I sat and meditated with my eyes closed.  I saw an angel use a sword to break through the wall of my heart and pierce it.  The sword became an electric rod and the angel stretched his hand and lightning from the sky went through his hand to my heart.  I thought of it as a healing rod.

Challenge the mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create from nothing.


We can all learn from creativity by being in nature.

Happy Writing!


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