Shift to Think Purpose

img_1230To reach Greatness, one must set on the spiritual mode.  It’s easy to talk about one’s accomplishments but to sacrifice yourself in doing it without passion or purpose is meaningless.

Imagine working in an environment where the True potential grows.  Where the contribution of You is creating success for all, there is no competition.

Where empowerment begins and ends for success of all.  Yes, imagine following the heart’s dream to reality.  So where does Greatness fit in all this journey? In the end the empowerment of You created this life you are leading on your spiritual path.

To set on the spiritual mode, the physical does not carry the weight to stay in one place.  It is to bring You to a new level of wonder, joy, adventure and courage.  Gravity does not exist in the spiritual mode.  What is time?  It is the eternal now to make the heart’s dream come alive in reality.

The influence of all pertains to the external and internal of You.  It is your choice to decide what will influence You to move forward on your spiritual path.  When You bring passion to work, it becomes play.

One Life  One Beginning  One NOW

Learn like you are reborn each day.  Teach the lessons of experience.  Empower all to encourage each other to meet the True potential in purpose and service in life.

Show up present in life.  Speak the Truth.  Be your True self.

Greatness is your True potential.  Set to the spiritual mode and soar into the depths of the heart’s dream to make it a reality so we can celebrate precious moments of victory.

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.


Congratulations to You for reading this post!

Happy Writing!




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