Shift to Think Purpose


To arrive at understanding from being one’s true self is called nature.  To arrive at being one’s true self from understanding is called culture.  –  CONFUCIUS


The pain of not budding in our true selves is living someone else’s life.  To idolize to be like someone else is to give up our True potential in being the Greatness we are.

Bud out to flower in being the True self.  When we experience nature in ourselves, we bloom in God’s love.  The potential to flourish is to live our heart’s dream.

Experience the Now to grow in our True selves.  We have the capacity to be superheroes in one’s life.  Every inch we walk on the path of our spiritual journey will open the Unknown of infinite possibilities.

We all have a purpose in our lives.  Live the Truth of who we truly are.  Be the change to better ourselves.  Witness infinite possibilities in nature.

We are home in our True selves.  There are no limits in believing we can conquer all.


Love is a flower blooming in the light of God.  Only the soul can kinder this love for it is closest to God.  Love is a spiritual candle burning in the heart of God.  Love conquers only in the inner self.  Love is strength, patience and the will to be One.  –  Claudia Casciato   


Happy writing!


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