Shift to Think Purpose



Paintings are close to reality.  Observe Botticelli, Primavera.  See the fluid movement of the painting.  It seems the painting does not end but always in movement.

The heart’s dream is like a painting.  Create this dream in fluid movement to act upon it.  To imagine everyday as a new painting, to bring in passion to play.  The fluidity of the present moment captures the heart’s dream.

Imagine to catch the heart’s dream in the shot of the moment.  Imagine the flow and rhythm of the dream floating in the clouds.  Imagine it on the mirror.  Paintings speak the language of poetry.  Imagine the dream in the field of infinite possibilities.

The painting represents a story line.  There is no end for all is in fluid movement.  The heart speaks the Truth.  The heart’s dream is alive in you.  The characters in the Botticelli,Primavera have a story intertwined with nature.

The heart’s dream has a story of how it will evolve in fluid movement.  Let the story of the heart’s dream be a great adventure with fear to play out in courage.  Imagine the masterpiece of the heart’s dream.  Imagine the story line being shown in the fluid movement with the strokes of the dance.

Let the heart’s dream dance in the head.  Let it waltz with the rose orchestra playing in the background.  Witness the magic of living the heart’s dream.  Is your heart’s dream in motion of the dance?

Be still thy heart to find the space of the warmth to spark the fire of the dream to witness the burning ambers to fuel it to reality.  Be still thy heart to live the story of the dream to reality with the characters at play to orchestrate the day.

Happy Writing!




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