Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0869I am going to challenge myself to do a blog a day.  Some may not be published at the time to it is complete.  When I had writer’s block, someone mentioned  a book to open up my creativity.  This book is called “THE ARTIST’S WAY” by Julia Cameron.

It is a 12 week program to unblock creativity.  Any tools used to help unblock creativity is worth the investment to explore.  Doing the morning pages is not an easy exercise but it is opening my creative pathway.

Explore different avenues to open up the creative pathway.  It is a great way to add passion to the day.  At first, I thought, why bother to unblock my creativity.  It should come back to me someday just like it left.  Why wait for someday and let it be now.

What inspires you?  Keep asking this question till the answer surfaces or the tools find their way on the creative pathway.  Send a message out to the universe or pray to find the way to your creative niche.

Stop procrastinating to say one day I will do what I desire.  Why wait?  Start now to make it happen.  I feel like I am drilling this information like when the dentist does a cavity filling.

I will let you know how this program goes.  By the way, you need to sign a contract to the commitment of self.  I signed it.

The most difficult commitment is the investment of the True self.

The building foundation of success is Art of Being.


Happy writing!





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