Shift to Think Purpose








As I write, I think why is it difficult or better challenging to take the quantum leap of Faith in True purpose.  What if purpose is another word for calling.  To have the courage to believe the connection of source.  Yet, birth of anything and everything makes the connection to source.

Witness a flower breaking through the soil to surface.  To create a True statement of boldness of who you are is the Art of Being.  The potential of growth in life gives a chance to believe in infinite possibilities.

First, start the question process to dig deep to plant a bulb of creative thinking.  Creativity is part of your DNA.  How does one lose themselves in the creative zone?  Imagine your heart’s dream and create the image in the mind that it is in the Now.

Stop pretending you know everything and trust the Unknown.  The bulb of creative thinking is the Quantum field.  Explore and be curious about everything like you were born in the Now.

Why are you waiting for the heart’s dream to come through reality?  Second, it is called perseverance to push you through the Quantum leap of Faith.  You were connected to the source before you were born.

Stop procrastination in its’ track and the negative thinking it is not possible to make it happen.  Rise above all doubts to make your heart’s dream come true.

Perseverance breaks through self doubt, fear and procrastination.


You are unlimited potential.  Make it happen NOW.

Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “Shift to Think Purpose

  1. Amber Choisella April 6, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    I love metaphysical thinking! This post is EVERYTHING :-).


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