Shift to Think Purpose

Innovation is Art of Creative Thinking.









The mind exercise is strengthening in size.  The thinking tank is expanding.  Filter your thinking to brew your True potential.

02-10-16   8:20 a.m.

The words are ride, emotions, perseverance, connection, synchronicity, fight, surrender, dream, opportunity, freedom, change, chaos, silence and peace.  C7

Ride the emotions of the past for the change of the present.  Be at peace with the silence of the mind in surrender of Oneness.  Synchronicity is the connection of opportunity to ride chaos into freedom.  Believe in the fight for the perseverance of the heart’s dream.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

“Should I stay or should I go.” – The Clash

The question of the wake up call is the telecommunication of the soul with the  mind.  When the comfort zone is no longer the limit, one can view infinite possibilities at the edge.  Everything is interconnected to all.

Be True to self to arise above all doubts to live the heart’s dream.  Conscious awakening is to witness the unlimited potential in connection with the source.   View the tunnel of the Unknown where lies the abundance of opportunities.

Increase the vibrational frequency of the heart’s dream to make it happen now.  Imagine to manifest it in this moment.

Creativity awakens the soul to follow the calling of purpose.  Passion is the pursuit of Happiness.  Rise above all doubts to escalate at the highest frequency to connect in source for the alignment of infinite possibilities.

Challenge the mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create something out of nothing.


Alfonso Bialetti envisioned everyone to have a cup of espresso at home. It was not only for the rich to enjoy this luxury.  He invented the Moka Express coffeemaker from aluminum.  Read his story.

Frugal innovation is the cutting edge at this moment where companies are working together to provide accessibility of computers and other tools possible for everyone at a lower cost.

Happy Writing!


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