Shift To Think Purpose






Do you wonder why is it so easy to stay in the comfort zone?  Every morning is a choice of the day.  Unlearn to learn to explore the Unknown to create the day.  Do you wonder why it is difficult to stay in the comfort zone?  Make the choice to create the day of purpose, service and joy.

01-31-16  8:50 a.m.

The words are birthday, celebration, moment, kindness, compassion, soldier, war, battle, acceptance, allowance, confusion, competition and harmony.  7C

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Celebration of birthdays are precious moments to reflect on a year of blessings.  Blessings are kindness in operation of the heart’s contribution in compassion.  Compassion is the allowance of harmony to sychronize into life. Life is the acceptance of surrender in confusion.  Confusion brings on the war of competition in battle.  The soldier is the hero to witness the freedom of others.

It is choice to free the soul in purpose.  Purpose is to fulfill the destiny of True happiness.  Happiness is the inner sense of peace.  Peace is freedom in Oneness.  Oneness is the celebration of life with Faith to believe in True purpose is the ultimate goal of Greatness in the True self.

Celebrate precious moments wishing a Happy Birthday to life in blessings.  Ask the question of why I am here and how may I serve to celebrate life in the moment.  The quantum leap awaits you to leave the comfort zone to explore the Unknown in infinite possibilities.

Happy writing!



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