Shift to Think Purpose








The mind exercise turns another page to dive into deeper thinking.  Sit tight and learn to challenge the mind to view infinite possibilities.

01-23-16  8:00 a.m.

The words are Truth, time, dream, acceptance, allowance, Greatness, potential, opportunity, perseverance, red, comfort and attitude.  B1

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Trigger the mind to shift in the space of infinite possibilities in coherence with the vibrational field.  The potential of Greatness is to shed the layers of the past to view the True self.

Allowance of the opportunity to surface is the time span of a moment.  The acceptance of the heart’s dream is to visualize leaving the comfort zone to explore the Unknown in the Quantum leap.

Truth attributes to the attitude of Gratitude and Forgiveness.  Every red light is a moment of reflection to pursue the heart’s dream into action.

Creative thinking is the synchronicity of the vibrational flow in the universe.

Draw in passion into creative thinking.  Draw in purpose into creative thinking.  Draw in the True self into creative thinking.

I want to share a course I took with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  If you don’t know his personal story, check it out.  I attended his progressive workshop and advanced program.  It will blow your mind how powerful you are in the state of Being. Your future is now.

Greatness is your True potential.  Use it to influence the world.

Happy Writing!



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