Shift to Think Purpose






Welcome to 2016.  The mind exercise continues on its’ own creative path.

01-04-15  6:20 a.m.

The words are courage, upset, anger, release, breathe, connection, spirit, cord and detachment. C2

The armour of Truth is the shield of courage.  Breathe to release the spirit from detachment in the connection of source.  The cord of anger breaks up in love in the upset situation.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

The Unknown calls upon the Truth to reveal infinite possibilities.  The spirit of Oneness breaks through the comfort zone.  The conscious state is to witness the miracle of life in the moment.

Surrender in the now to create the moment of infinite possibilities.  Believe everything is interconnected in synchronicity.

Release all emotions in the well of opportunity.  Let it be to surface new ideas to shift into motion.  It takes a nanosecond to make it happen.

Be in the creative zone.  Creativity draws in imagination to capture the Quantum momentum to view infinite possibilities.  Elevate the vibrational frequency in Gratitude.

Surrender Release BE

The moment of now is the blessing of the present.  It is the connection of the Quantum leap.

Challenge the mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create something out of nothing.


Happy writing!


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