Shift to Think Purpose







12-24-15  6:05 a.m.

Gratitude is the pursuit of happiness.  Be in the moment to celebrate life in Oneness.

The words are diversity, culture, love, comparison, competition, assessment, failure, opportunity, perseverance, ultimate, joy and friendship.

Ride failure into the opportunity of infinite possibilities to show the unique style of success.  Assessment of perseverance is the drive to take out competition out of the equation.  True friendship is the ultimate joy of connection in life.  Diversity of cultures brings different opportunities in love.  Comparison is a cheap way to lose the True self.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Once upon a time in the universe there was a planet called WE.  The WE planet placed Gratitude as law.

Everyone believed in infinite possibilities.  Opportunity to help each other to reach their True potential was the ultimate joy.  Everyone was fearless to adventure out to the Unknown.

There was no competition only empowerment.  This planet believed in prosperity for all.  Poverty did not exist for there was plenty for all.

What made this planet so fruitful?  They believed in Oneness, True Faith.  Everyone was unique and contributed with their talents and gifts.

It was one of the happiest planets till one day groups formed and they wanted a bigger piece of the pie because their belief system changed.  Greed came into play and then more groups formed.  No one trusted each other.  Fights broke and wars were in place.  What changed in this planet?

In this moment everyone has a choice to play a role on this planet Earth.  Choose to be the True self.  Make the mark of True potential.  Shift to think purpose.

Happiness is the inner sense of peace.  Create a Bold statement of who You are. Let’s bring Oneness in the celebration of life.

We are embracing a spirit of ONENESS.

Happy Writing!





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