Shift to Think Purpose






Life changing events cause a ripple effect of purpose.  Why wait for a life changing event to focus on purpose?  How does shift to think purpose affect the life of now?

11-21-15  7:00 a.m.

The words are pursuit, cloudy, opportunity, fog, courage, perseverance, red, blood, circulation, success, prosperity, empowerment and smile.  C2

Through the fog lies an opportunity to fulfill the calling of purpose.  The opportunity of success is the follow through of empowerment for prosperity in all.  Clear the cloudy way of thinking in pursuit of Happiness where passion is the circulation of the heart.  Courage is to pump blood of the heart in the domain of purpose.  Perseverance calls out to patience to move forward in courage with a smile.  The red balloon is a warning sign.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Clear the path of thinking to open up creativity.  Creativity is the scope of purpose.  Purpose does not dwell in mediocrity.  It develops in the foundation of passion to create.  Respond to the call of passion in the heart.

Say YES to infinite possibilities.  To create the mindset of purpose, surrender to all.  Infinite possibilities are in the space of Being  Colour the world with the opportunity in prosperity.

Rise above all doubts to answer the calling of life.

One Life   One Now   Oneness

Happy writing!


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