Shift to Think Purpose


Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.



11-10-15  5:32 a.m.

The words are peacefulness, breath, crescent, moon, attitude, behaviour, habit, opportunity, generosity, cruel, kindness, creative, thinking, imagination, prosperity and Faith.  C2

Faith is peacefulness of surrender.  The breath is the connection of all for it is an elevator to the Unknown.  Creative thinking opens the present with imagination.  Prosperity is the ripple effect of kindness and generosity.  Being cruel is the vice of behaviour ingrained in attitude like a rotten fruit.  Make the habit to pursue the heart’s dream to view the crescent of the moon.  Opportunity awakens in meditation.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

The core of the soul is the anatomy of life.  Being presumptuious subtracts curiosity.  Curiosity opens the door of infinite possibilities.  Infinite possibilities is in the space of the conscious mind.  Awakening in meditation surrenders to opportunity of Being.

Healing is the only method to move forward in Happiness through purpose and service.  True purpose is the meeting of the True self.  Believe in Greatness for it is You.  Healing is part of the spiritual journey and does not end at death.

View the universe of Oneness and connect to the source of intention.  Free fall into imagination to fuel the True potential in living out the heart’s dream.

The potential of all lies in you so you may flourish in your heart’s dream.


Happy writing!


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