Shift to Think Purpose






Questions unlock potential of possibilities.  Is it possible to question the Unknown?  The first thoughts of the morning sets the tune of the day.  Orchestrating the day through synchronicity of the Unknown views infinite possibilities to open the door of imagination.

11-07-15   4:09 a.m.

The words are tender, courage, communication, perseverance, tooth, fairy, destiny, destination, journey, spiritual and connection.  C7

Destiny calls out when the heart is an open path for the journey to be taken on the travelling destination.  The tooth fairy is a great imagination to cope with pain of losing something precious in the tender moment.  Spiritual connection is the True communication of self.  Perseverance shows up in courage to push through all adversities.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Sprinkle fairy dust.  The setting of miracles is the belief of Greatness as One.  Obstacles fly in the fairy dust of imagination.  Vibrational frequency uplifts the soul to True potential.  Infinite possibilities is the galaxy of opportunities to go beyond in the Unknown.

The Unknown explores the myth of possibilities where imagination reigns in the possibilities of All.  New beginnings on the horizon is the Unknown expectation something great is happening in the moment.

Faith is the realization to believe in Oneness in the universe.  The Creator completes the story of the True self in the spiritual journey.  Healing uplifts the soul to infinite possibilities in the creation of miracles in life for the tune of music in the heart opens the door to the universe of All.


What is the great myth to uncover in thy self?

Happy writing!




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