Shift to Think Purpose








Looking at the fall scene outside, the wind is blowing to call on the leaves to fall.  The leaves falling on the ground will no longer be part of the trees.  The leaves had a temporary stay on the trees.  The trees surrender to the wind to let go of the leaves.  Change of seasons carries a lot of wisdom.

Is it possible by doing the mind exercise, the old thinking is scattered on the ground like the leaves? Maybe creative thinking is replacing the old thinking.  Just a thought to view nature as a teacher of life.

11-01-15  7:27 a.m.

The words are BE, authentic, Heaven, courage, spirit, vibrational, fly, dream, separate, new, beginnings, Oneness, patience, synchronicity and nature.  C7

To view nature is the synchronicity of life.  Let Heaven awaken in you for thy spirit is Oneness in the soul.  Vibrational frequency in the universe propels one to fly in the heart’s dream.  New beginnings are the reference of now to BE authentic living in True purpose.  Patience is courage of silence.  Separate to filter thinking to brew True potential.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Witness the magic of Oneness.  Everything is interconnected to all.  Mesmerize in the beauty of this precious moment.  Breathe in to witness the breath of life.  The breath is the connection of all.  Meditation awakens the heart to open the door of possibilities.  One Life   One Now   Oneness

Rise above all doubts in great Faith for aloneness does not exist for spirits are interconnected as One.  Create the Now to flourish in the heart’s dream.  Bloom to witness the flowers of possibilities.  Awaken to the opportunities of Now.  One Life   One Now   Oneness

Breathe out the misconception of the True self.  Focus on the breath like the waves of the ocean.  Now visualize the path of the Unknown to adventure out to explore the True purpose in life.  Pray for guidance in the calling of the role to play in this life.  One Life  One Now  Oneness

Happy writing!





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