Shift to Think Purpose








What is the purpose of the mind exercise?  It is a seed of imagination in the growth of reality.

10-25-15   8:15 a.m.

The words are believe, creativity, symphony, harmony, Faith, witness, nature and teach.  C7

Believe the shift to purpose is the dance of harmony.  Faith is to witness nature as growth in the spiritual sense of being.  Teach creativity in the symphony of the awakening to tune the music of possibilities.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Is there a law to be limited?  Construct your thinking garden to view all possibilities.  It’s the known to limit yet the Unknown creates infinite possibilities.  Put the Ego aside once in a while to view the wisdom in nature.

When we learn from nature, we cue to all solutions.  Transformational change is energy in the vibrational frequency to tune the song of the heart’s dream.  If there is a law of limited thinking, the growth of potential weakens.

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.


Infinite possibilities arise from your conscious awakening.  The only law the mind should break is limited thinking to explore infinite possibilities in the Unknown.

Bask in the sun, experience the wind go through you like the trees and watch your spirit soar to witness the magic of nature.  Let nature show you the path of infinite possibilities.

Create your heart’s dream in nature to visualize it flourish, bloom and flower to reality.  The law of nature is everlasting change in unlimited potential to view the beauty of infinite possibilities.

Happy writing!




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