Shift to Think Purpose






When was the last time you meditated?  The mind exercise is changing courses where meditation is essential to create the sentences to visualize them in action.  Imagine the space of possibilities.

10-15-15  6:20 a.m.

The words are perseverance, catcher, ball, courage, Faith, water, bottle, capture, shine and star.  C7

Perseverance is to play the game of life in the direction where Faith is the main character to address God’s move to hit a home run in purpose and service.  The catcher’s mitt held success so all could share in the glory of victory.  Capture the shot of purpose in the rippling effects in the water of the shining stars above.  Courage is to release the water in the bottle to spread through out the world to fulfill each other’s True potential.  Catch the ball of success to arise above all doubts, fear and procrastination bringing perseverance to the home plate.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Silence is a gift of simplicity.  Breathe in to manifest a space of possibilities in imagination.  Visualize the heart’s dream beat a drum.  Listen.  Speak heart speak.  Silence is the melody of the heart and mind.  Breathe out all obstacles, fear, self doubt and procrastination thoughts.  Now meditate on the space of possibilities.  Witness the miracle of life in the now.  Meditate on Oneness with all.  Place the intention of Oneness to create harmony.  Orchestrate the day on the rhythm of the heart’s song. Silence is a gift of simplicity.

Simplicity is the passion of creativity.


Surrender. Release. BE.

Happy writing!


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