Shift to Think Purpose







The cross road of the mind exercise is the allowance of the flow in thoughts to come through its’ natural state.  Harvest all possibilities.

The words are: harvest, growth, seed, plant, opportunity, possibility, abundance, cherish, beauty, Faith and God.

The richness of abundance in life is the opportunity of growth in the harvest of success for all.  Plant the seed of wisdom to witness Faith in God.  Cherish the Unknown in the exploration of possibility to enrich an extraordinary life.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

To understand the wisdom of life is to dwell in the Unknown.  Explore the opportunity of possibility.  Gratitude is the attitude of Happiness.  Combine the seeds of Gratitude and the Unknown to harvest possibility in the now.  All is all from the beginning of the morning till night.

Popping of ideas are the kernels of wisdom fuelled by True potential.  Rise above all doubt to witness your heart’s dream in the flesh of God’s wisdom to bridge the soul to harmony.

How will you harvest your heart’s dream?

Plant the seed of the dream.  Water it with perseverance.  Watch it grow with the light of passion.

Challenge your mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create something of out of nothing.


Happy writing!



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