Shift to Think Purpose

500_F_44808490_RD8SQ3H6bWzVYcMS1QotazSYkBSL16BIThe mind exercise is spinning out of control.  It is creating an Unknown path of possibilities.  There is a shift of creative thinking happening in the now.

09-26-15   8:20 a.m.

The words are beauty, patience, wrong, politeness, manners, behaviour, attitude, happiness, blessings, caution, intuition, danger, opportunity, red, flag, poison, hatred, courage, perseverance, leap, Faith, quantum, Unknown, angels and Heaven.

The beauty of patience is being in Heaven.  Adventure of the Unknown is to take perserverance to a new level of courage.  A red flag from intuition is the guidance of caution to forsee danger.  Hatred is poison to the soul for only Faith of love will heal it.  Take the opportunity for the jump of the quantum leap to reveal all possibilities in the now.  Angels are blessings in our lives to propel us in being our True selves.  Attitude of happiness elevates the level of politeness to humbleness.  Behaviour is the storm of habits to form the lightening bolt of manners in disguise of pretence.  The wrong path may lead to discover the reflection of the Unknown.

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching

Why explore outside the comfort zone?  Break the habit of the known to the Unknown.  Break the routine to explore the Unknown.

Gaze at the symmetry and pattern of a vase.  What happens when the vase shatters into a million pieces?  How do you put these pieces back together?  Exactly, I don’t know.  Even if you find a way to put the vase back together, the symmetry and pattern changes.

Imagine the comfort zone as a vase.  When it shatters, you are in the Unknown.  Explore to be in this freedom of discovering something new about you.  A shift of creative thinking is to change the routine pattern to the Unknown pattern of possibilities.

Only when the comfort zone shatters around you, then you may view the infinite possbilities to move you forward in your True potential.

Freedom    Unlimited Potential   Infinite Possibilities


Happy writing!


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