Shift to Think Purpose

240_F_61803317_DMcxuh7IGj8JDGYmQtVoyDBxmGXNsNtvThe mind exercise is becoming intense.  The mind is stretching out in Unknown territory of possibilities.  Where is the mind exercise going next on its’ path?

09-12-15  5:00 a.m.

The words are Faith, conscious, rule, law, beatitudes, cosmic, formula, Truth, vibrational, frequency, love, peace, intention, gifts, awareness, allowance, awakening and moments.  C1

Musical notes are the awakening conscious moments in the cosmic sphere of vibrational frequency.  Faith is the law of beatitudes in the formula of Truth.  Intention is the rule of the gifts of love and peace in the action of awareness and allowance.

Now I break down the questions?

What is the cosmic formula of math?

Shift to Think Purpose Daily Teaching 

Why follow our True purpose?

We tend to forget we are spiritual beings in a human body.  Everything is interconnected with anything in synchronicity.  Be aware of numbers formulating through out the day for they represent a code to break through the comfort zone.

Why follow our True purpose?

We are all in service through calling or destiny.  View the pattern of the day and add the code of the numbers to view the possibilities  in the Unknown.  Keep questioning the Unknown.

Why follow our True purpose? 

When we follow our True purpose, we will reach our True potential in Art of Being.  Allowance to witness all is to view possibilities in the Now.

Why follow our True purpose?  

We with God are One in happiness.  It is our True frontier to live out our heart’s dream in passion and love to cause a cosmic burst in the universe.

Why follow our True purpose?

Greatness becomes us in service of others.  When we believe in ourselves, we will conquer all.

Why follow our True purpose?

After meditation,

All in all is in the purpose of All.


Happy writing!





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