Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0188The mind exercise continues to be a challenge.  What fuels my thoughts?  How does the heart relate to the pattern of thoughts?

Opposite sides of the question is the debate of the answer.



09-03-15   5:20 a.m.

The words are storm, weather, rainbow, opportunity, umbrella, rain, thunder, courage, perseverance, music, balls, contagious, atmosphere, laughter, spiritual and journey.

The path of the spiritual journey is the storm of choices to surrender in witnessing the rainbow of our True selves.  The contagious atmosphere of laughter causes thunder in our hearts.  Opportunity is the precision of courage to adventure into the Unknown.  Weather the storm of the past to witness the rainbow of the present.  Juggling balls in the rain is a challenge in itself.  The umbrella of music is the vibrational frequency capturing our souls in the pain state.

  1. How does music as a vibrational frequency connect with the healing process of our souls?
  2. How does the healing process begin from nothing?
  3. Is it possible to heal during chaos?
  4. Why is imagination important for the healing process?
  5. What is True success?
  6. How do we create a window of opportunity?
  7. Is opportunity connected with possibility of the Unknown?
  8. What is True faith?
  9. What is the True representation of a flower?
  10. How do we view a flower in the time of distress?

What is True purpose in the now?  Orchestrate the day by breathing in life and surrender to the music of all.

After meditation,

Count blessings of the present to capture the soul of Oneness.

I worked with work related post traumatic stress disorder patients.  Let me tell you when patients talked about their traumatic experiences it’s like they had flashbacks that the experiences is happening now.  I believed them how they felt but I did not know till I experienced it myself driving and having heart palpitations come on suddenly.  It took a long time with a healing team to get me back driving again.  There was a specific intersection where the symptoms of the experience would return till I coached myself to believe in myself I was a safe driver.  I overcame the symptoms where my body does not go into the flight/fight response.  Taking deep breaths with repeating mantras calmed me down.

The breath is the connection of all.


Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away this week.  He truly was an inspiration in my healing process reading some of his books and attending the “I CAN DO IT” conference with Hay House Publishing.  He taught me the humility of being my True self.   “The Shift” the movie is a great tool to have to connect with the source of nature and our True identity. The movie explores the True meaning of purpose.  Check out for his books and movie.

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer for inspiring us to look within our True selves.

Happy Writing!










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