Shift to Think Purpose

240_F_38785329_Pn0cRqQy7elA9X8mwVjeKOIOtWAMv8dBThe mind exercise continues to go on its’ path.  Why is it difficult to understand how your heart’s dream happens in the Now?

Imagination is the prism of reality.


08-17-15  6:43 a.m.

The words are whisper, silence, movement, mystery, contagious, disease, well, being, curiosity, intuition, Faith, BE, opportunity, happiness, peace and success.  C3

Rhythm of success is the beat of opportunity.  Opportunity is the whisper of the heart.  Intuition holds the highest frequency to envelop curiosity.  Curiosity is the mystery of movement in silence.   Faith activates peace in BE.  BE happiness is the barometer of well-being.  Well-being is to uplift disease into contagious love.

What is my True purpose in the Now?  BE happiness and peace in the medium of opportunity.

  1. How do we tunnel Faith in adversity?
  2. Why is adversity an opportunity of courage?
  3. How do we envelop courage?
  4. Is it possible to build courage out of fear?
  5. What is True fear and how does it affect us in our lives?
  6. How do fear and anger relate?
  7. Does anger close the heart?
  8. Why is imagination a form of opportunity?
  9. Is it possible to imagine to break fear out of adversity?
  10. Why can’t we move forward without forgiveness?

Did you notice the “WE” questions.  Draw a circle and in the circle write  “I ? purpose.”  Draw an outer circle and write “We ? purpose.”

The key to the engagement of wisdom is the purpose of all.


If everything is interconnected, then “WE” are all interconnected in purpose.

Synchronicity is like an orchestra in Harmony.


After meditation,

Purpose of life is to hold the silence of peace.”


Take this moment to reflect on everything. It is this present moment that counts to move forward to take the step in living our heart’s dream.  Focus on the Now to envision being in our heart’s dream.

It is in BEING what we perceive that is Truth.


Happy writing!


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