Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0456The mind exercise takes another turn on its’ path.  Is it possible this exercise is creating its’ own pattern of purpose?

08-11-15  5:00 a.m.

The words are pretend, consciousness, success, extraordinary, priority, balance, pursuit, perseverance, challenge and opportunity.

Pretend to be someone else destroys opportunity.

Success witnesses the consciousness in the back alley of perseverance.

Priority is the pursuit of extraordinary courage to balance purpose in life.

Challenge the thinking amplitude of the heart to release possibilities in the chamber of the UNKNOWN.

What is my True purpose?  Challenge my thinking to fulfill my True potential.  Remember my previous blog to create the 10 chapters of the day to experience the BOOK of NOW.

Now ask yourself 10 questions every day. Here are my questions of today.

  1. What is Truth?
  2. How may I serve today?
  3. Is possibility related to the heart?
  4. How do we connect with possibility?
  5. What is my True purpose in the now?
  6. How do I capture butterfly moments throughout the day?
  7. How do I shift in the transition of my writing career?
  8. Is it possible to create my day from nothing?
  9. Where am I going today?
  10. How do I connect with the UNKNOWN?

Keep questioning the UNKNOWN.  Be curious in life.  It may surprise you what you discover when you explore all possibilities.

After meditation,

Service is the purpose of life in correspondence with prosperity.


This evening on Facebook I read an interesting blog by Robin Sharma.


It makes me think about inner power and beautifully written.

Inner power is where lies our True potential.


If we look around us, we can see potential in nature.  We can create anything we desire in our lives.  We have to believe it to create it.

“THE MAGIC HORSE” took me 16 years to write.  Why?  It took me 10 years to believe I was a writer.  I didn’t see it. I found every excuse to procrastinate to write this book till a life changing event occurred.  My heart condition was a blessing.  It took me so long to believe that my heart wanted me to listen to my potential as a writer.

Believe in yourself and you will conquer all


So here is what I have to say to you.  Are you waiting for a life changing event to occur before you act upon your heart’s dream?

The potential of all lies in you so you may flourish in your heart’s dream.


Happy writing!





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