Shift to Think Purpose

240_F_80703582_x22zLPQQSkL2qm3qspInDmfjYA09m6Ra I reached my boiling point where I wanted to quit the mind exercise.  There is something in me that is pushing me forward to do this exercise.  I believe it is called resistance of letting go of the comfort zone.  It is so easy to stay in the comfort zone than to adventure out in the UNKNOWN.

What happens when you are uncomfortable sitting in your chair at work knowing there is a force pushing you out?  It is no longer the comfort zone and you know there is a huge shift about to happen.

All I’m saying is venture out one step at a time till you decide to take the leap of Faith.

08-01-15  4:58 a.m.

The words are experience, change, quantum, courage, moment, acceptance, allowance, receivership, GRATITUDE, perseverance, opportunity and possibilities.

Experience change in the quantum moment.  Allowance is the release of opportunity.  Acceptance of change explores possibilities.  Perseverance is the strength of courage to move forward towards your heart’s dream while adversity waves in the rear view mirror.  GRATITUDE is the attitude of Happiness in receivership to experience your destiny in the NOW.

What is my True purpose?  BE patient, kind, loving and caring.

Chapter 1: Gratitude is the acceptance of blessings in one’s life.

Chapter 2: I am blessed with beautiful people surrounding me.

Chapter 3: Surrounding beauty is to catch a glimpse of Happiness.

Chapter 4: My happiness is my own responsibility.

Chapter 5: Responsibility is an act of commitment.

Chapter 6: I take full responsibility to commit to be my True self in all aspects of my life.

Chapter 7: Being your True self is freedom.

Chapter 8: Freedom becomes me with Greatness.

Chapter 9: Greatness is your True potential to influence the world.

Chapter 10: I empower through my True potential to build a chain link to assist others persevere living their heart’s dream.

After meditation,

Reflect all that is that will be in the now for change is the only way to move forward to witness infinite possibilities in the UNKNOWN.


Ask this one question, “Am I ready to take the first step to venture out of the comfort zone?”

Happy Writing!





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