Shift to Think Purpose

stock-illustration-16586360-musicYou are the DJ of your thinking.

You have the opportunity to create a new song or change the song in your thinking.  Let the notes of the music flow through you.

07-18-15   7:50 a.m.

The mind exercise continues to be a challenge.  It is easy to fall back into old habits.  It’s the comfort zone that feels safe. What happens when unexpected events occur in the comfort zone?  It is time to board the train of the unknown and experience possibility.

The words: kindness, charity, prosperity, perseverance, competition, danger, courage, Faith, book, chapters, creativity, guidance, intention and responsibility.  C5

Responsibility of accepting a challenge is the perseverance to see it to the end. Kindness is the internal motor of Being.  Prosperity is the fountain of charity.  Competition in business drowns out the empowerment of ideas to pursue success for all.  Intention is the courage to act upon your heart’s dream.  Guidance of Faith writes the chapters of the Book of Now.  Creativity is to let go of anger in danger.

Chapter 1: Happiness –  I ride the waves of today to catch the glimpses of happiness.

Chapter 2: Creativity – I bring out my creative juices to drink it in everything I do today.

Chapter 3: Inspiration –  I inspire to be awake in precious moments.

Chapter 4: Challenge  – I am taking the responsibility to challenge myself with no limits.

Chapter 5: Perseverance –  I am responsible to fulfill the challenge to the end.

Chapter 6: Faith – I am thankful for all I have.  Thank you God.

Chapter 7: Prayer –  During the day I rest in prayer.

Chapter 8: Courage – I pursue my heart’s dream writing THE MAGIC HORSE 2.

Chapter 9: Surrender –  I am in the “flow state” like water.

Chapter 10: Gratitude – I am grateful and appreciate the beauty around me.

What is my True purpose?  Surrender  Release   BE

After meditation,

Witness the miracle within you.


What song will you create or change today?

Happy Writing!



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