Shift to Think Purpose

Header photo07-06-15   4:20 a.m.

Meditation is the first line of defence for stress.  The mind exercise is the teacher of my thinking every morning.  I don’t know what words will come through till the moment of writing.  My story unfolds throughout the day.

Create the ten chapters of the day to experience the Book of Now.


So let’s see how the day unfolds.  During the mind exercise, other ideas were popping in my mind.

The words: nature, balance, synchronicity, carriage, wave, ocean, butterfly, tree, bird, acceptance, awareness, awakening, and music.

A wave is the synchronicity of nature in harmony.  The awakening is the music of the ocean.  Awareness of the butterfly is the miracle of life.  Acceptance is the balance of surrender and freedom.  The carriage of opportunity is a bird singing in the tree.

What is my True purpose?  Walk the path of my spiritual journey.

After meditation:

Awaken to the beauty of all.


Visualize and write:

I spent moments of reflection.  I spent moments of gratitude.  I spent moments of possibility.  I spent moments of meditation.

After the mind exercise, I repeated everything 10 times as chapters.  Chapter 1, read everything I wrote this morning, Chapter 2, read it again and I noted throughout the day I asked what chapter am I on.  It is cool to think you can write a book everyday of your life.  Imagine you are the author of your life to experience each chapter.  When you focus on the NOW, the past or future does not exist.

Meditation awakens the heart to open the door of possibilites.  Imagine being on a train going through the tunnel to a new world where creativity continually writes in the sky and the pavement.  Flowers are blooming all around you.  Everything feels like a breath of fresh air and you are a part of this magical wonderland.  Believe all is possible.

Intention is excellence in action.  Release to bloom like a flower.

Freedom   Unlimited Potential   Infinite Possibilities

Happy writing!   Don’t forget the Global Meditation for Compassion on July 11/15.

Compassion is the compass of the heart.





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