Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0010The mind exercise is creating my day.  It is programming my day.

06-27-15  7:07 a.m. to 7:24 a.m.

The words are: break, through, opportunity, vice, courage, strength, fearless, dynamic, adventurous, failure, success, writing, Oneness, hope, ability, thinking, creative and story.

The mind exercise changed course.  Watch.

The break through of the story is taking the opportunity of the Unknown.

I let my story unfold in the Unknown today.

Guess what, to create my day to my fullest potential I add myself in the sentences.  Yes, it is the use of affirmations throughout my day.

Creative writing flows into the adventurous beginning to the end of hope.  I am in the flow of the adventurous beginning.  Being fearless is the vice of courage and strength in Oneness.  I am fearless with my Faith.  Dynamic thinking of success is the ability to turn over failure to fuel your True potential.  I fuel my True potential through dynamic thinking.

What is my True purpose?  Allowance to release my True potential.

After meditation,

In Being is to see the Truth.


The exercise continues. Visualize and write.

I spent 15 minutes laughing.

I spent 15 minutes singing and dancing.

I spent 15 minutes reading.

I spent 15 minutes baking an idea.

Did you notice I wrote the actions in past tense.  It signifies it is already done.

Yesterday at work, I was singing and dancing in my chair while working.  I enjoyed my day more than usual.  I was not aware it came through so naturally for I was not even thinking what I wrote in the morning.  This is how the mind is creating the day through programming your thoughts of action.  Imagine and take a step forward to the path of your heart’s dream.  Imagine to create the path by placing a brick one day at a time.

Everything is nothing.  Nothing is everything.  Therefore all is POSSIBLE.


Remember the saying, “You learn something new every day.”

I want to share a deck of cards I purchased through the “I CAN DO IT” conference held by Hay House Publishing.  “POWER THOUGHT” cards by Louise Hay are inspiring messages to use at work.  I share them with my co-workers.

Learn. Teach. Empower.

Release to bloom like a flower.


Happy writing!



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