Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0438It is a different way of thinking after doing the mind exercise.  Today I thought why not share today’s mind exercise.  In the now at this moment everything is possibility.

05-23-15  6:35 a.m.

Words: caution, danger, overwhelm, burn, out, conscious, driving, career, Truth, Being, orbit, space, quantum, field, energy, hope and charity.  755

Did you notice?  Why is my list of words getting longer?  The mind is challenging itself.  Or is it only the mind?  Am I connecting with an inner source, my True self?

Let’s look at the sentences.  Being overwhelmed can lead to the potential of burn out.  Driving a career in a different direction absorbs the conscious mind to Being Truth.  Caution is the intuitive wisdom to break the obstacle of danger.  When the mind is in orbit, all possibilities presence themselves in the space of the Quantum Field for the ignition to fuel energy to our dreams.  Hope gives charity a possibility.

What is my True purpose?  To free myself and eject in the oasis of possibility.

After meditation,

Reflection bridges the state of conscious with unconscious for the balance of purpose.


Do you understand as you do this exercise daily it will challenge you to act on your True potential.

Opportunity of being in the symphony of perseverance leads to the orchestra of triumph.


Here is one of my meditation exercises.  Close your eyes.  Focus on the breath like the waves of the ocean.  Repeat the words: “Surrender, Release, Be” till your thoughts are silent and you feel the presence of freedom.  Start at 1 second, then 2 seconds to 5 minutes.  Recharge the mind to fuel your True potential.

Back to the question, “Am I connecting with an inner source, my True self?”

It is hard to believe at first but yes you are connecting with your True self.

This mind exercise is propelling me to write my next book, the sequel to THE MAGIC HORSE.

Believe in yourself and you will conquer all.

Happy writing!






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