Shift to Think Purpose

IMG_0190I’m looking out in the back yard this evening.  I see the leaves glistening with the back drop of the sun.  This outlook is one of nature’s marvels. A bird lands on the grass and searches in the garden for possibly a worm.

Write what is on your mind and heart.  Yes, it is the 4th week of the mind exercise.  I’d like to take a different approach this week.  Your thoughts in the morning create your day.  It shifts the perspective of the day.  Take deep breaths during the day to take moments to observe everything around you.

Time is the essence of a precious moment to observe the beauty mark of life.


Meditation is the first line of defence for stress.  It resets the mind and body to homeostasis.  Awaken to the senses of Being.

The mind exercise teaches me it’s okay to be me.  My words sets the thought process of the day.  What happened in the fourth week?

05-08-15  3:26 a.m.

The words are: empowerment, medium, beauty, dance, love, orange, black, street, view, window, opportunity, and thank you.

Remember the mind exercise can change to fit your routine.  There are no rules to this exercise.  Create your own mind exercise.

Here are my own sentences.  The vines of difficulty is to foresee the challenges of opportunity to produce the finest wine.  The medium was coded orange and black to alert the passengers at night.  From the hotel window, there is a flowing view of the street market.  Thank you is the beauty of the dance in love with the heart.  Bring empowerment every day to enrich your life and others.  731

What is my True purpose?  To build hope and love in everything I do to empower the world.

After meditation,

Hope and love perceive the imagination of the heart.


Challenge your mind and heart.  Imagine all possibilities.  Create something out of nothing.

Happy writing!









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