Shift to Think Purpose

Header photoWeek three surprised me with the mind exercise.  Here we go.

 When we learn more about who we are, everything falls into place.

I noted on two consecutive days my lucky number changed.  My lucky numbers are 7 and 13.

04-30-15  4:12 a.m.

The words are hilarious, drums, bewilderment, astonishment, kind, gracious, party, society, game, action and faith.

Did you note there are eleven words minus and.  Remember my lucky numbers 7 and 13.

7 + 1+ 3 = 11

I decided to add the musical notes before the words to see if I could remember them easier throughout the day.

Do hilarious Re drums Mi bewilderment Fa astonishment So kind La gracious Ti party Do society Re game Mi action and Fa faith   713

It was hilarious to witness a zebra in my backyard.  It takes action to put faith in motivation in being kind.  Bewilderment of the drums was an astonishment at the party.

I had a difficult time thinking about making sentences for the last three words.  Gracious   Society  Game

Move forward.  What is my True purpose?  To surrender to the UNKNOWN of the day.

What happened next?  More sentences flowed through on paper.  Idea does not come Truth till activates upon it.  Behold the mystery of not knowing the UNKNOWN.  Start writing from the heart.  Let the game begin of action in faith.  Figure out the code of life is to add the equation of God.  A gracious society is born through imagination to reality.

Then I meditated for five minutes.  A sentence came through my meditation.  The Divinity of Truth is beyond the scope of man.

Yes, with the musical notes I did remember the words more through the day.  The more you add to the mind exercise, the intensity increases.

05-03-15   6:25 a.m.

As the intensity gets stronger, the flow of words become faster.  When I woke up this morning the words were coming faster.  By the time I reached for paper and pen I wrote the second set of words.

The words are synchronicity, blossom, courage, flourish, flowering, THE MAGIC HORSE, success, plan and action.  713

Notice the three last words: Success Plan Action   SPA

Synchronicity is the flowering of the blossom of life.  It takes courage for THE MAGIC HORSE to flourish in the book world.  For success to happen, the course takes plan of action.

What is my True purpose?  To live my heart’s dream as a writer.

After meditation I was surprised by this sentence.

Believe music is the reality of the heart.


I noted the more I exercise the mind in the morning, the more energy I have even with the flu bug I had this week.  I’m looking forward to see what happens next week.

Keep writing.













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