Shift to Think Purpose

imagesDoing the mind exercise in the morning sets the tone of the day.  I am in my second week stretching my mind.  The words are flowing easier.  As soon as I wake up, the words come through like a waterfall.


My ten words: Dragon, End, Beginning, Sour, Milk, Action, Motivation, Power, Infinity and Earth.

The dragon gave birth to the beginning of the end of time.  Don’t complain about sour milk for your attention was elsewhere.  Action of pursuit in success takes motivation to power the dream.  The infinity of EARTH is ONENESS.

What is my purpose?  To drive my dream to freedom in the book world.

These words in sentences are creating a blue print for the day.  You may be surprised about your energy level through the day.

I added something new to the mind exercise.  Now draw a circle and write the words outside the circle.  In the circle write ” What is my purpose?”  Write your answer and your favourite number in the circle.

I actually remembered the words better when I used the circle. Why add your favourite number?  It breaks your thinking pattern of routine.

This mind exercise assisted me to start writing again, the sequel to THE MAGIC HORSE.  It keeps me focused throughout the day to filter my thinking.

Filter your thinking to brew your True potential.


Guidance of your thoughts perseveres in your daily activities.  Imagine the power of thinking as an energy bolt to drive creativity to freedom.

This mind exercise is flexible to your morning routine.  Think about it.

Happy writing!

If you miss a day, it’s okay.  You may make every excuse to not continue it.  This exercise increases your energy level to your True Potential.

Challenge your mind to alert yourself to the awakening of your True potential.





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