Shift to Think Purpose

This week I took a pause from social media.  In the morning I decided I wanted to do a mind exercise when I woke up.  Here is my exercise.  Let 10 words come through you and write them down.  Use these words to make up sentences.


My ten words:  Ask, Connection, Imagination, Creativity, Boredom, Perseverance, Cooking, Idea, Math and Communication.

Here are my sentences:

Ask the question of the unknown.  Connection of everything is the universe.  Imagination makes reality alive.  Creativity is my True source of BEING.  Boredom gives me the opportunity to open up to creativity.  Perseverance is a cycle of pursuing a dream to action.  Cooking is another form of creativity to digest the Art of BEING.  Idea raises the question of purpose.  Math gives me the equation of life.  Communication is the bridge of connection.

After writing the sentences, ask yourself  “What is my purpose?”

During the day, try to remember the words or sentences.  If you get stressed at work, or you are sitting in a traffic jam or agitated about a situation, ask the question of the unknown.  What is my purpose?

Challenge yourself to write two or three words in a sentence.


Three words: Music, Rhythm, and Orchestrate

Orchestrate your life to the rhythm of the music in your heart.

I am challenging myself to do this exercise for 365 days.  I will keep you posted every week. I may add something to this mind exercise.

When you let thoughts flow through you, it opens the portal of creative thinking.


If anyone would like to join me, please do so and feel free to share your feedback.

Common thinking will not move you forward to your True potential for you are a creative BEING.









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