Where Does My Curiosity Come From?

IMG_0564Once upon a time there was a curious girl called Claudia.  She was curious about everything.  One day Claudia and her sister sat on the veranda.  Claudia was curious about the railing.

I said, “I bet I could get my head through the two bars.”

She shook her head. “No you can’t.  Your head is too big.”

I said, “Watch me.”

I squeezed my head through and I got stuck.  I believed I could do it.  I envisioned my head through the bars and suddenly I did it.  My sister looked shock.   How do I pull my head out?

I tried to twist my head side to side but I couldn’t do it.  I was stuck.  She called my mom.  The neighbours came to see curious Claudia.  They tried to oil my head and the bars.  Nope I was stuck.  Eventually my head slowly came through the bars.  I don’t recall when the fire truck arrived.

Where does my curiosity come from?

When we went over to visit distant relatives.  My sisters would sit close to my parents.  Not me, the hostess had to take me to show me the whole house including opening closet doors and dresser drawers.  Once I inspected the house, I sat with my sisters.

Where does my curiosity come from?

At Christmas, my godmother bought a walking doll.  Hmm, I wonder how the doll walks.  While my sisters were distracted, I examined the doll.  I took her apart to find the batteries.  The problem was I could not put her back together again for her to walk.  My sisters were mad.

Where does my curiosity come from?

See curiosity comes from my childhood.  Ask yourself where does your curiosity come from?   Do you recall the “Why” questions as a child.  Awareness of everything opens Pandora’s box to explore till the answer fits with the question like a missing piece in a puzzle.

Where does my curiosity come from?

The answer is the question for the follow through of the problem is the solution.

One more thing, the last five years I had dental work without anesthesia.  I was curious one day to try it before the dentist drilled in my mouth for a  cavity filling.  I imagined the drill as energy going through my mouth and focused on my breathing like waves of the ocean till I went into deep meditation.  Guess what, after the dental work, I had less discomfort.

How curious are you to try something new?




















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