Imagine to Live Our Heart’s Dream.

IMG_0142Sing out loud the song, “Imagine”.   John Lennon’s song has been playing in my head lately.  Reflect on the words of this song.  Is it possible he had an epiphany what 2015 would look like at this time of chaos?

I wonder if we were to take the words of his song and place it in our hearts, we would fine tune the rhythm of this world as ONE.  Is it possible to imagine Nirvana in this world?

If everything is nothing, nothing is everything, then all is possible.  I believe if we live our heart’s dream, we are halfway there.

Think about it.  Why do we have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate life.  Every morning we wake up is a blessing to live this day for it is a precious jewel.  Celebrate life in the NOW.

Rejuvenating in the now shifts our thinking to envision to live our heart’s dream.  We have to embrace moment to moment to encounter the power of ONE.  We are all dreamers and have the potential to drive our dreams to reality.

Imagine peace in our hearts.  The potential of all lies in us so we may flourish in our heart’s dream.

Maybe when I wrote “THE MAGIC HORSE” I was lead to imagine the healing powers of Heaven through the heart.  Think about it, is it possible?

Make every thought count towards our heart’s dream.  Empower everything to envision all possibilities.  The NOW is present.

Our potential is Greatness.  We can use it to influence the world.  Pray and meditate for ONENESS in the world.  Make this day count.

Envisioning a thought before it happens is to see all possibilities.  Awakening to imagine our heart’s dream in the NOW.

There is no I in this world for everything is interconnected therefore infinite possibilities for all.


















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