The New Bee in the Book World

stock-photo-bees-work-on-honeycomb-113350987-1Where do I fit in?  What flowers do I pollinate?  It’s a new adventure being a new author.  The work involves continuous patience to be noted in the book world.  First of all, I am a new bee and being amongst older bees that have experience gives me the opportunity to venture out in the fields of flowers.

At first before I found the honeycomb of publishing, it took me 10 years to believe I was a writer.  I took a writing course with the Institute of Children’s Literature.  I was a new bee as a beginner learning the trade of creative writing.  It was not an easy process as each assignment became more difficult.  I wanted to quit so many times but within me something was pushing me to move forward.

Now as a published author I feel like a beginner again.  Connecting with other bees in the field came through social media.  The networking is like a meeting in the honeycomb.  To receive feedback from the others made me feel I belong in the book world.

Writing is my passion.  The words flow so easily like honey when I’m in the creative zone.  I am exploring new avenues of writing in the book world.  One of my goals is to empower others to write from the heart.  I want others to believe they have the potential to publish their work.

Learn to teach others.  Teach to learn from others.  Empower each other.

I learn to persevere in my heart’s dream. I teach others to follow their heart’s dream.  In the end we empower each other.  I may be a new bee but I am willing to work hard to be recognized by the Queen bee.  I learn every day to be a better writer.  When I am an older bee, I will be there to teach the new bee to explore in the unknown to enter the creative zone.

Passion is the sweetness of creative writing to fruition of publication.





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